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Lutsk is the heart of Volhynia, a lovely and tempting town. Here, legends are still alive, wrapping in the cloth of secrets ancient castles. It is a city of museums and interesting attractions. Coming to see Lutsk, certainly, you should visit the reserve “Old Lutsk”, which covers many castles and Catholic monasteries.

Daily rent of apartments in Lutsk

Coming to a new city, many tourists ask a question about how to rent an apartment in Lutsk for a day? This is not a difficult matter, since an apartment in Lutsk can be rented in any part of the city.
If you decide to live near the sights: the Museum of the Volyn Icon, the Market Square or the Trinity Cathedral, then this accommodation will cost a little more than the apartment on the outskirts. At the same time, it should be noted that Lutsk is a small city and can be reached from the outskirts to the center within an hour, so the location of the housing will not become an obstacle to sightseeing.
You can rent an apartment with the help of intermediaries or directly from the owners of housing.
If you come to rest with a pet or a child, ask the owners if it is possible to settle with them, also should be said if you plan to smoke indoors or hold mass events.