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Apartments for rent in Lviv in the Galich area of ​​the city

Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. The architecture in it is truly European, the coffee is extremely tasty, and the local people’s color is very warm and hospitable.

If fate brought you to Lviv, the first thing the tourist thinks about is the idea of ​​which apartments are being rented in Lviv daily. It should be said that the daily Lviv offers a lot of options, and renting an apartment in Lviv daily will curl up from the budget, which you are willing to spend on this occasion.

If you want to have a good rest with comfort and coziness, we recommend the center of Lviv, namely Galitsky district, which is located not far from Snopkov, Sofiyivka and Citadel. It is the central part of the city, in which there are many state institutions, parks of Ivan Franko and On the ramparts, a large number of supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and bistros.
The best apartments in Lviv hospitably meet tourists. Here you will find any type of accommodation with spacious hallways, comfortable kitchens, clean bathrooms.
There are apartments for both single tourists and for couples with children. Renting an apartment in the Galician district, you can be absolutely sure that you will be provided with peace and quiet. Most apartments are equipped with telephone, television, Internet – everything that can be needed for a quality stay.
If your budget allows, then you can rent an elite apartment or VIP apartments with a jacuzzi, leather sofas, expensive paintings by the best Lviv artists. If the budget is minimal, then it is necessary to stay in economy class apartments.