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How to rent an apartment in Dzerzhinsky district of Kharkov

Dzerzhinsky district of the city of Kharkov, which in 2016 was renamed Shevchenkovsky, is located in the northern part of Kharkov. This area refers to the new, its construction began only in 1932. This is one of the two central districts of the city.
If in Kharkov you have resulted in the need to conclude an important deal with business partners or you came to see the sights, immediately there is a problem how to rent an apartment in Kharkov. It is very easy to do on our website, we offer apartments in Dzerzhinsky district. You can choose both elite apartments and rent normal budget accommodation.
In the Dzerzhinsky (Shevchenkovskiy) district, the infrastructure is well developed, right next to the house you can find supermarkets, shops, cafes, snack bars and restaurants. Getting from this area to the center is very easy, because there is good transport accessibility.
Walking near the rented apartment, you can see the monument of T.G. Shevchenko Square, Freedom Square, Glass Stream, Uspensky and Pokrovsky Cathedral, University Hill. In the same area you can visit the planetarium and take a ride on the cable car.